Internship Opportunities

California Resources Corporation (彩票团队代理) offers summer internships to students with educational backgrounds in Petroleum, Mechanical, Petrochemical, and Electrical Engineering; Geophysics and Geology;Health, Safety and Environment (HSE); and other disciplines.

An internship with 彩票团队代理 enables you to interact with innovators in your field, assist in developing new projects, and become familiar with various aspects of the industry. As an intern, you will be paired with a manager and mentor, and work on business-critical projects that matter, and have fun along the way.

Our paid summer internships last 10-12 weeks. Our summer intern program stresses hands-on participation with an emphasis on completing a summer project. Projects are designed to add value to our operations while providing an opportunity to observe your skills and competencies in action. Knowledge gained and work completed are assessed at the end of the internship period through a presentation and poster session where interns describe their projects to 彩票团队代理 employees in a variety of departments. This is a valuable opportunity to gain experience in making presentations, and it's a reminder that a broad range of skills is essential to professional success.

Internships at 彩票团队代理 are often steppingstones to permanent industry careers. The experience fuses occupation and education, and creates a learn-as-you-work atmosphere that can easily be translated to a professional position. Each intern is paired with a mentor whose role is to provide guidance and encouragement. Our internships assess your potential long-term career fit within our organization and allow you to determine if 彩票团队代理 is right for you.